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As stated earlier, we offer the two most popular types of eyelash extensions. These are classic eyelash extensions and volume eyelash extensions. In addition to these, you can consider us for eyelash extensions removals. We have the expertise and experience to perform all these without causing a little discomfort to you.

Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic eyelash extension sets are very popular nowadays. These extensions are applied with one lash for each natural lash at a time. The ratio will be 1:1. This is the first technique and widely appreciated. This technique is the most popular choice for getting a natural look.

Our team is thoroughly experienced in this technique. In this process, we use a bit thicker lashes than the volume eyelash extensions since only one lash can be applied on the top of your natural lash. Our objective is to offer a dense look. Though we use thicker lashes, still we will ensure that these are lightweight and not causing any discomfort to our customers. Comfort and look are our priority since we cannot serve you best in the absence of any of these.
Classic eyelash extensions can be perfect for all those who have naturally dense and thick lashes. The look will be natural as only one extension will be applied for one lash. It will not look overly burdened and will not affect your natural look as well.
Pros of Classic Eyelash Extensions
Classic eyelash extensions are the best for everyday use. As there will be only one lash extension on your natural lash, it will not look voluminous. You will get an absolutely natural look and even people cannot realize that you have used eyelash extensions. This benefit makes classic eyelash extensions super versatile. You can wear them every day without worrying much about the volume. These extensions can easily replace your mascara. You do not need to apply mascara every morning to get an impressive look. You will wake up with a great feeling and look.
Classic eyelash extensions can go well with any natural lash. If you use volume eyelash extensions, it will give a dramatic look. You cannot wear it every day. The effect will be overwhelming and it might not suit your profession as well. You might not get the natural effect that you normally expect from classic eyelash extensions.
When Should You Consider Classic Eyelash Extensions?

We will suggest you wear classic eyelash extensions for everyday use especially when your natural eyelashes are dense. If your natural eyelashes are not dense, then you might not get the desired effect. Here are a few conditions that you can consider for applying classic eyelash extensions.


  • For a natural and subtle look
  • With dense and full natural lashes
  • For long-term and everyday use

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are known for instant dramatic effect. These lashes will transform your look. With this technique, there will be several extensions instead of one. The ratio is 6:1. Volume eyelash extensions are also known as the 3D volume eyelash extensions, 2D volume eyelash extensions, and 4/5/6D volume eyelash extensions.
In volume eyelash extensions, we use lighter and thinner lashes since we will have to apply a few layers to get the effect. This technique can be ideal even if your natural eyelashes are thin.

Pros of Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extensions are appreciated for offering a fuller and beautiful effect. We will use more individual lashes on each of your natural lashes. As a result, the effect will be more dramatic, noticeable, and denser. With volume eyelash extensions, you can get a subtle glamour that might not be possible with classic eyelash extensions.
Volume eyelash extensions last longer than the classic ones. These are designed to last long. The application will be fuller and dense and will not be affected a lot with your natural eyelash cycle. 

When Should You Consider Volume Eyelash Extensions?
Volume eyelash extensions can be perfect to get a dramatic look. It will transform the look significantly. This method can be best for parties and events. You can get a celebrity look and can grab the attention of many. You can consider volume eyelash extensions in the following conditions.
  •  For a dramatic and fuller look
  •  For thin and sparse natural lashes
  •  For a longer wear
From the above, you might have an idea about the difference between these two types of eyelash extensions. We can help you with both these extensions. Also, we can help you to choose the right eyelash extension. We might suggest you volume eyelash extensions for a dramatic look with sparse natural lashes. Classic eyelash extensions can be ideal with dense natural eyelashes and everyday wear.

Eyelash Extension Removal

We can apply both classic and volume eyelash extensions. The process will be safe as well as less time-consuming. Also, you can contact us to remove your eyelash extensions. You should never remove the eyelash extensions on your own without skills. The process needs expertise and you might harm your natural lash or even your skin if you do not do it right. We will remove your eyelash extension safely and can apply whenever required. If you find your eyelash extensions are messy, you can come for a touch-up. You can also consider removal. We can do them both.
Eyelash extensions are widely used nowadays. All the credit goes to safe procedures and durable solutions. Eyelash Extensions Northern Beaches provides eyelash extensions for everyday wear and to get a dramatic effect. You just need to share your requirements. We will take care of the rest. We will apply eyelash extensions, do the touch-up, and remove it. We are a single solution for all your eyelash extension needs.

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